Hot August Nights, Sparks – August 8, 2015

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Hot August Nights Poker Run, Minden – August 6, 2015

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Silver Dollar Car Show, Carson City – August 1, 2015

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Restomods in Reno: the Reno Mustang Car Club hosts the Restomods in Reno Car Show in June every year, except when they host a Mustang Club of America National Show.  This year’s event was held at the Peppermill Resort.  The show sold out and the Ford-powered iron was gorgeous.  My friend Rich and I drove up to see the cars – here’s a sample.  Enjoy!!


2008 Bullitt Mustang


2001 Bullitt Mustang


Parnelli Jones Boss 302


Boss 302


F-1 pickup


2001 Bullitt Mustang

IMG_8714--photorogr-restomods IMG_8742--photorogr-restomods IMG_8740---photorogr-restomods IMG_8736---photorogr-restomods IMG_8735---photorogr-restomods IMG_8725---photorogr-restomods IMG_8724--photorogr-restomods IMG_8723--photorogr-restomods IMG_8722---photorogr-restomods IMG_8721---photorogr-restomods IMG_8717---photorogr-restomods


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