May 2015


Great Horned Owlet – approximately 2 months old!


Lives with a sibling and parents at a friend’s home in the Carson Valley.


This one watched me as I walked around the tree and took pictures.


I don’t think this one minded me taking pictures.


Red-winged Blackbird – found on Mottsville Lane in the beautiful Carson Valley!


April 2015


Mama Great Horned Owl and Owlet.


Great Horned Owlet peaking over the edge of the nest.


See the ears developing on this Great Horned Owlet.


Mama on a limb below the nest, apparently taking a break.


I love nature, even when it works against me. See how this Great Horned Owl blends into the surroundings.


Great Horned Owl – Owlet head visible on the right.


Great Horned Owl.


March 2015


Barn owls.


Nesting Horned Owl.




My first Red Shouldered Hawk. I like it!

IMG_4238_edited-2a5x5lg - 04 IMG_4237_edited-1alg - 04 IMG_4187_edited-2alg - 04 IMG_4181_edited-1a2lg - 04 IMG_4120_edited-3alg - 04 IMG_4074_edited-3alg - 04 IMG_3988_edited-2alg - 04 IMG_3981_edited-2alg - 04 IMG_3872_edited-2alg04 IMG_3808_edited-2alg04 IMG_3728_edited-2alg04 IMG_3325_edited-2a8x10lg04 IMG_3647_edited-2alg04

IMG_1166 raw edit with skylg04

I inserted a new sky – what do you think?

IMG_2728 with sky_e2lg04

My best new sky ‘insert’….I really like it.



A couple of Red-Tailed Hawks who didn’t want their picture taken.


A female American Kestral.


I’m thinking juvenile Bald Eagle. Check the feet.


Hawks just hate it when I take their picture. He took off right after I made this image.

IMG_0740 - ealg04

…coming around the second pylon…


What’s that old joke with the punch line, ‘Hold my beer and watch this…’?


I was able to use selective focus for this image.


December 3, 2014 – more Hawks hanging on in the wind!

IMG_0277 - e1alg04 IMG_0275 - e1alg04 IMG_0265 - e1alg04 IMG_0262 - e1alg04 IMG_0249 - e1alg04 IMG_0240 - e1alg04
























November 19, 2014 – the Hawks were plentiful the last couple weeks!

IMG_9421 - ea1lg04

I love a good Hawk in flight!

IMG_9404 - ea1lg04

He had just taken off and was retracting the landing gear.

IMG_9322 - ea5x7lg04

Even a Hawk can be regal…

IMG_9301 - ea5x7lg04

…and you can’t sneak up on them from behind!


IMG_9275 - e1alg04

The sign in the background says ‘no hunting or trespassing.’ I’m betting this Hawk doesn’t read.



IMG_8836 - ea5x5lg04

Every now and then, I get the ‘straight up’ shot.

IMG_8716 - e1alg04

Just taking flight!

IMG_8744 - e1alg04

I love it when they look at me as if to say – DO YOU MIND?

IMG_9489 - e1alg04

I love this image – the colors are wonderful. I will learn how to remove that t-post to improve the image.





















November 4, 2014 – a good week finding hawks who will pose.

IMG_8697 - ealg04

With a talon-full of carrion, this Hawk decided to move and eat with more privacy.

IMG_8673 - e1alg04

IMG_8517 - edited 1a logo lr





IMG_8567 - edited 1a logo lr

I used a very shallow depth of field for this image, emphasizing the Hawk and creating an interesting perspective on the fence line.


Who knew that birds in fall colors would look so good?

IMG_8033 - edited 1a logo lr

We see Quail in our yards and the desert. I was taking pictures of a Quail on a sagebrush when I spied the rest of the covey trying to hide.

IMG_8057 - edited 1a logo lr

As much as I love a great picture of a raptor in flight or on a branch, I love it even more when I catch a raptor preparing to take flight.

IMG_8063 - edited 1a logo lr

I had to look close to see this one. He (?) blends in very well. Bad news if you’re a bite of lunch passing within his field of vision.

IMG_8313 - edited 1a logo lr

Words like regal and majestic just don’t so justice to our nation’s symbol!

IMG_8260 - edited 1a logo lr

I’ve learned not to lose track of my surroundings while I’m shooting (did I tell you about the day I tried to step on a rattlesnake while making images of wild horses?). I always try to step away from the tripod and take stock of my surroundings.

IMG_8242 - edited 1a logo lr

On this shoot, stepping away revealed this Coot floating almost at my feet. I took my focus (pun intended) off the eagle for a few minutes to get these.

IMG_8178 - edited 1a logo lr

And then, back to the Eagle.

IMG_8116 - edited 1a logo lr

Oh yeah, a raptor in flight is a beautiful sight.

It was a good week with the birds.

IMG_7486 - edited 1 logo lr

This little fella’ was swimming with a Merganser on Taylor Creek.


IMG_7470 - edited 1 logo lr

You gotta love the color on the Merganser ducks.


IMG_7438 - edited 1 logo lr

The spiky feathers on the head make a striking image.


IMG_7422 - edited 1 logo lr

A female Mallard duck with the Kokanee Salmon on Taylor Creek.

IMG_7312 - edited 1 logo lr

I took my Mom and Dad to see the sights, and we found this Horned Owl.

I saw these ducks at Taylor Creek, on the west side of Lake Tahoe.  The photo gods were smiling on me, as the water made great reflections and the ducks were very accommodating models.  This little gray bird also posed nicely for me.  Thank you photo gods!  Enjoy!

IMG_0834 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_0847 - edited 1 8x10 logo lr IMG_0851 - edited 1 8x10 logo lr IMG_0863 - edited 1 logo lr

I live in Nevada’s Carson Valley, just downhill from Lake Tahoe.  The Carson Valley is a major flyway for hawks, and we have a steady population year round.  In addition, we have an annual migration of eagles – both bald and golden – in January and February.  On occasion, I find smaller birds that will sit still for me.


IMG_0918 - edited 1

I call this photo ‘Millisecond.’ I don’t know if I snapped the shutter a millisecond too soon or too late. Red Tailed Hawk.

IMG_1166 - edited 1

Bald Eagle. I made this image last February on a very chilly winter day.

IMG_6596 - edited lr

I’m told it’sa Stellar Jay. Near Taylor Creek on the west side of Lake Tahoe.

IMG_5529 - edited 1

I was on Snowy Range Road in southeast Wyoming in July. This little Finch stopped by to see what I was doing.

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