RC aircraft


October 23, 2014 – there were only a few planes in the air on Thursday.  Always a great show!

IMG_7852 - edited 1 8x10 logo lr

Pre-flight complete – all warmed up – taxiing to the runway!

IMG_7834 - edited la logo lr

…on final approach!

IMG_7839 - edited 1a logo lr

….and touchdown…

IMG_7915 - edited 1a logo lr

…final approach…


October 8, 2014 – I enjoyed visiting with a couple pilots this week.  One pilot was flying a ‘profile plane.’  A profile plane can be any shape, and is basically a set of wings on a thin fuselage.  The other was flying his P-26 hybrid.  Enjoy!

IMG_7184 - 8x10 logo lr

The P-26 in flight.

IMG_7112 - edited 1 8x10 logo lr


IMG_7094 - 8x10 logo lr

Profile plane in flight!

IMG_7075 - 8x10 logo lr


IMG_7063 - 8x10 logo lr

You can see the profile fuselage. I look forward to seeing more creative profiles in the future!

September 23, 2014 – There were only a few planes at the Model Airplane Complex today, but it was still a great show.  The plane was easily repaired after the crash.

Enjoy – Roger aka Photorogr

IMG_0011 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_0053 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_0112 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_9963 - edited 1 logo lr

I visited the RC Park again on 13 Sep 2014.  Several different airplanes – same great show!IMG_9024 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_9048 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_9135 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_9160 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_9213 - edited 1 logo lr

Today (6 Sep 2014), I ventured out to take pictures of wild horses and other nature subjects.  The horses were hiding (I thought I heard whinnying and laughter from the next ridge over a couple times).  I was driving and thinking about where I wanted to go next, when I saw a radio controlled (RC) airplane performing acrobatics.  I pulled over, put on the big lens, and started taking pictures.  After a bit, I went into the RC Park and talked to the pilots.  They put on quite a show for me.  Here is a sample!  Enjoy!

IMG_7890 - edited lr IMG_8026 - edited lr IMG_8245 - edited lr

IMG_7688 - edited lr IMG_7724 - edited lr IMG_7885 - edited lr IMG_8043 - edited lr IMG_8072 - edited lr IMG_8275 - edited lr




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