Sequoia National Forest

Last weekend, my wife, Susan, and I took a trip to Kernville CA to see some friends and visit the big trees in the Sequoia National Forest.  We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge (it’s a great place to stay – tell Ron and Deanna that you read about them here), right on the Kern River.  The scenery was fabulous – the weather was wonderful (we hadn’t experienced rain in far too long!!) – and I always enjoy time with my lovely bride.

Enjoy – Photorogr

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Kern River – looking upstream from the Sequoia Lodge.

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This crane had been in the area for several days. He wasn’t very accommodating, but I still managed to make a couple good images.

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We were hiking the Trail of 100 Giants, feeling very small, when we came on this little guy pecking on a tree. We approached carefully and made several images of him (or her, hard to tell).

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This image shows the aftermath of two Giant Sequoias that had grown together and fell on September 30, 2011, at 11:30 a.m. The Trail Guide told us that no one was hurt, but a German tourist captured the fall on video (see it on YouTube or the Sequoia National Forest website). The trees were over 282 feet tall.  There was no mention of whether or not they made a sound as they fell.

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We found this beautiful waterfall on a hairpin curve on CA Highway 190. It was raining and the clouds were very low, giving a hint of fog in the image. Even with the rain, the day was gorgeous!

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Meanwhile, back at the Sequoia Lodge, the Hummingbirds were hanging around the feeders. We saw dozens of Hummingbirds during our stay.

IMG_0462 - edited 2 logo lr

And I caught this little blue bird down by the Kern River. He tried to hide, but got careless for a moment and allowed this image.

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