Shooting the West 2015

Winnemucca @ Night

IMG_4709_edited-1lg - 04

Mirrors in a bar…

IMG_4704_edited-1lg - 04

…shooting pool in low light…

IMG_4718_edited-1lg - 04

…can you see the ghostly me?

IMG_4727 raw edit_edited-2lg - 04

The display at a local church.

IMG_4691_edited-a2lg - 04

…long exposure street scene…note that I got all 3 lights in the traffic signal…

IMG_4683_edited-1alg - 04

…long exposure street scene…not sure how I bumped the tripod to get the movement in the lights…


Composition 101

IMG_4922_edited-2alg - 04

…beautiful mountains reflected in the window of a great Basque restaurant…

IMG_4900_edited-a2lg - 04

…the Winnemucca train station…

IMG_4883_edited-2alg - 04

…a side yard in an older part of town…

IMG_4871_edited-2alg - 04

…the Gables Guest House used to be a happening place…

IMG_4809_edited-2alg - 04

…looking north from the rail road tracks…the Catholic Church in the foreground…

IMG_4774_edited-2alg - 04

…from inside the train station…

IMG_4752_edited-2alg - 04

…a couple diesel rail road engines…

IMG_4746_edited-2alg - 04

…God Bless America…on the side of one of the rail road engines…

IMG_4732_edited-2alg - 04

…a beautiful fire station building…the architectural engineer in me says Art Deco style…



2 thoughts on “Shooting the West 2015

    • Sandy – it’s been a busy couple of days, but I am making progress on the pictures from Saturday. I have a handful in the new page – Nevada Gunfighters at the Dangberg Home Ranch – and will put more up as they are ready.

      Thank you, and ENJOY! PHOTOROGR


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