Wild horses

January 2016: Shorty’s unnamed Foal.


The family portrait: Shorty (sire, facing camera), Suzie Q (dame, black color in back), and the foal.


Staying close to Mama


Mama checking to see who’s approaching


Unnamed foal striking a pretty pose

September 2015:


This is Blue – the undisputed King of the Pine Nut wild horse bands. When his band meets any of the other bands at the water tanks – his band drinks first!



Blue let me walk around them while I took pictures. I was excited to get the PHOTORANGER in the background.



August 2015:














June 2015:


A peaceful day for Blondie’s band.

IMG_8834---re1a-w IMG_8827---re1a-w IMG_8819---re1a-f-w IMG_8796---re1a-w IMG_8774---re1a-w IMG_8757---re1-w IMG_8756---re1a-w IMG_8643---re1a-w IMG_9047---re1a-w IMG_9024---re1a-w IMG_8934---re-w IMG_8929---re-w IMG_8922---re-w

April 2015 – more Baby Horses


Colt and Mama near Rawe Peak.


Colt and Mama near Rawe Peak.


Two new ones, from Shorty’s band, I think.


Nope – not getting too far from my Mama!


March 2015 – New Baby Horses, and an interrupted swim party.


Little Sydney and her Mama, daughter of Blue.


Little Jo and Mama, daughter of Blue.


Little Jonah and Mama, daughter of Blondie. This filly was originally thought to be a male – we’re waiting to see if a name change is coming.


this is a band from the Virginia Range, south of Reno. I interrupted their swim party in Little Washoe Lake.


February 2015

IMG_4856 - edited 2 logo lr

This is Blondie, one of the band leaders, giving himself a back rub.

_MG_5514_edited-1lg - 04

Waking from a siesta! I found two of the bachelor studs laying down for a mid-day siesta. This guy rolled around and then got up.


_MG_5469 - e2lg - 04

New filly Hope – one of Blue’s babies this year.

_MG_5444 - e2alg - 04

Little Jo and her Mama – another of Blue’s babies this year.

_MG_5434 - e1alg - 04

Hope in a light hearted moment!

_MG_5073_edited-2lg - 04

Pine Nut wild horses.

_MG_5042_edited-3alg - 04

Pine Nut wild horses – note the winter coats!

_MG_5025_edited-3alg - 04

A yearling – again, note the winter coat.


IMG_8361 - edited 1a logo lr

Watching me – looking for other threats. Very beautiful!

IMG_8339 - edited 1a logo lr

This young stud is running from the leader of one of the bands. He looks familiar – like the grill of my car!

IMG_8326 - logo lr

At first, I thought they were moving away from me. It turned out the leader was chasing some young studs away (see above) – the band doesn’t get far from their leader.

IMG_5591 - edited 1a logo lr

And then they went for a drink of water. The Pine Nut Wild Horse Association takes good care of the bands in the Pine Nut Range!


IMG_9282 - edited lr logo

This little fella’ wasn’t really alone, but I think the image is better with him and the sage brush.

IMG_4617 - edited 1a logo lr

IMG_4619 - edited 1a logo lr

IMG_4621 - edited 1a logo lr

One day, my bride suggested we go look for horses and then go out for dinner. We found three bands near the water troughs. I was using the big lens on a tripod, and with three bands together, it was a ‘target rich’ environment. One of the bands was on a hill, and its leader decided it was time for a drink. They came down the hill straight towards me. About 100 feet away from me, they turned and walked around. Normally, a walking band of horses isn’t very exciting, but I shot the line of horses anyway and got this fun sequence. I call the last image ‘Kick Start,’ and have sold several canvas prints!




IMG_4332 - edited 1a logo lr

These wild horses are beautiful and extremely powerful animals, as this image tries to convey.

IMG_4252 - edited 1a logo lr

The foals stay very close to their moms, especially when they are young. The bands are very protective of their foals.

My Mom and Dad joined me in looking for some wild horses.  We found Blue’s band and they were quite accommodating!

IMG_7343 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_7341 - edited 1 8x10 logo lr IMG_7335 - edited 1 8x10 logo lr

These two bachelors put on a fighting display that lasted for over 30 minutes.  They were with a more established band and were trying to entice some mares into joining a new band.  Enjoy!

IMG_5992 - edited lr IMG_6015 - edited lr IMG_6023 - edited lr IMG_6028 - edited lrIMG_5943 - edited lr


3 thoughts on “Wild horses

  1. Hi Roger,
    I took a look at the rest of your pictures. You do a beautiful job, and get a nice tan to boot!
    It was good to see you today.

    Town of Gardnerville


  2. Roger, I love the rough housing sequence of the two roans from Blue’s band. I was glad to see them. Since these were taken, Buster is missing, meaning he is on his own somewhere in the hills, and Samson was just recently kicked out and I haven’t seen him either. I was hoping both of them would join up with the three amigos (as you call them!). They were the best of friends and brothers….maybe they found each other!
    All beautiful shots! Thank you….Deb Walker


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