The excitement of the Journey!

The greatest thing about taking a journey is to experience new things.  One of my goals for this journey is to make better images by trying new things.  In the last week, I have begun to step away from the comfort of automatic settings on my camera.  I’m very excited with the result.

Before you roll your eyes too much, please understand that I have been shooting aperture priority for some time, so this is not a new path for me.  This week, I set my own white balance (which has always been a mystery to me, but I’m getting there) and also disabled the automatic lighting optimizer feature on my Canon EOS 60D.  I don’t know which change made the greater impact, but I found myself spending less time editing the pictures.

Last weekend, my good friend Rich and I visited several locations to see what we could see.  We were at Heritage Park in Gardnerville before the Civil War re-enactors began fighting one another.  We stopped by the RC Airfield to see what was happening there, and then found a band of wild horses peacefully eating prairie grass.  Apparently, we weren’t much of a threat as they let us get close for pictures.  Too close for my big lens, but Rich got some great shots.  And then he went wild and got a couple shots of me.  Thanks for making me look so good, Rich!  It’s always great to take pictures with you!

Rich IMG_3953 - edited 1


Well, I’m off to take pictures of soccer and maybe flag football!

Enjoy – Roger

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