A BIG Thank You to all of you!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my journey the last couple days.  As I write this, the Alabama song ‘The Fans’ is running through my head.  In case you’re not an Alabama fan (the singing group, not the university), the song pays tribute to the people who buy their records and attend their concerts.

Last Sunday, I was out for a drive with my lovely bride and her father when we came on a Hawk in a tree.  I had my camera and tripod, and they indulged me for a few minutes.  The result was a great image, but I wasn’t happy with my execution of the image (see below).  I spent a lot of time beating myself up over it.  It’s tough being your own worst critic, you know.

IMG_8016 - edited 1a logo lr

I put the image on Facebook, sharing with one of the photography groups, with my comments on the composition and execution.  The positive comments and feedback got me out of my funk and inspired me to get back out there.

Yesterday, I loaded up the gear and headed out to meet a friend for a morning of picture taking.  The weather was beautiful – cool temperatures and good sunlight.  Most importantly, the birds cooperated as well.  A Quail sat on a sagebrush, and I caught images him and other Quail on the ground.  A Red Tailed Hawk posed on a branch for a few shots.  Then he took off, resulting in good action shots.  While looking for an Eagle, we saw more Hawks and a herd of Deer in a meadow.  This Hawk (below) was stalking prey, and made several quick turns.  See the Birds page for more images.

IMG_8097 - edited 1a logo lr

I was very happy to find an Eagle.  Our first shots were marginal due to the shade, but she moved around to the sunny side of the tree, and the real shooting began.  This image is one of my favorites, but I’ll always wonder if she was sizing me up or just making personal contact.

IMG_8180 - edited 1a logo lr


As you can see, I had a great shooting day.  These images are dedicated to everyone who sees and follows my blog, or sees my images elsewhere.  You help me to become a better photographer with your support and encouragement.

THANK YOU!  Photorogr


The learning continues!

When I started this blog, my main focus was on sharing my photography (and maybe generating some sales).  I subtitled the blog ‘A Journey in Creative Photography’ because this is truly a journey for me –  I learn something every time I pick up my camera and make an image.

This past week included a lesson in overcoming frustration and exercising patience.  Many of my friends have had great success in finding and making images of bears during the Salmon run at Taylor Creek.  I, however, have not been so fortunate.  Many trips to Taylor Creek have provided great images of waterfowl in the creek, but no bears.  See the Birds page to view some of these images.

And so, with no new bear images to share, I decided to revisit some of my first wild horse pictures and share more of them.  I enjoy making images of the wild horse bands in our area.  We have 4 bands in the Pinenut Mountains, just east of my home.  They are fascinating animals and wonderful subjects.  At times, they don’t provide exciting shots – one can only take so many pictures of horses eating the desert grasses, after all.  On occasion, they provide excitement – see the two studs fighting in the wild horses page – and, more often, a little whimsy and tenderness.  Please go to the wild horses page for more images.

Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy this week’s offering.


IMG_2582 - edited 1a logo lr

This image is from the first day I went looking for horses. This little guy is just switching his tail, but it gives the appearance that he is enjoying his lunch!

IMG_9285 - edited lr logo

No, it’s not an illusion. He picked up the stick and chewed it for a bit.

IMG_6919 - edited 1a logo lr

This is one of those tender moments I was talking about. I think back to sitting on the couch with my young sons on my lap every time I see this picture.

And the busy times continue!

What a week it has been! The only subject I haven’t seen this week is bears.  Not because I haven’t tried – I’ve been to Taylor Creek numerous times!  I think the bears don’t like my Old Spice deodorant.

My parents came for a visit.  We loaded into the Expedition and went looking for subjects.  We found two Horned Owls and a band of wild horses.  See the Birds and Wild Horses pages.

Please take a look in the RC aircraft and Landscape and Scenery pages for more pictures!  Here’s a few teasers!  Enjoy – Photorogr

IMG_7466 - edited 1 logo lr

This is a Merganser Duck. They dive to fish and then eat them whole. This Duck looked at me with a puzzled expression as I made images of him.

IMG_7498 - edited 1 logo lr

I was sitting on a log beside Taylor Creek, watching the Salmon in the clear water and hoping a bear would wander my way. This little guy came around the stump in front of me to see if I had anything to share, I guess. He was 6′ away from me as I made this image.

IMG_7129 - edited 1 logo lr

At the RC aircraft park. This is a P-26 hybrid (P-26 fuselage, something else provided the wings). The pilot told me it was a handful to fly, but he was enjoying the learning experience. Check the RC aircraft page for more pictures.

It’s been a very busy week.

I’ve used up a lot of pixels in the last week.  I spent a couple days with my friend John looking for and making images of bears.  Thanks John, for helping me get my first bear images.  I also spent part of a day with my friend Rich at the Smith Valley Car Show.  Beautiful day for a car show and great shooting partner.

As always, the journey continued as I learned more about the relationship between aperture and contrast.  And I got a very big reminder about looking at the checklist before trying to make images of cars.  Here are a few examples of my successful week.  Take a look at the Automobiles page for more great cars in Smith Valley; the Birds page for ducks (and a little surprise); and the Landscapes and Scenery page for more bears.

Please contact me if you see something you like and want it for your very own.  Enjoy – Photorogr

IMG_0842 - edited 1 8x10 logo lr Img_0959 - edited 1 logo lr IMG_0720 - edited 1 logo lr

The Journey continues!

This is my lovely bride, Susan.

IMG_0393 - edited 1 logo lr


You will see images of her from time to time, as she is truly my best friend and a frequent model.  We just returned from a trip to the Sequoia National Forest near Kernville CA.  She is sitting on the bank of the Kern River.  (Take a look at the Sequoia National Forest page in my blog for more images from the trip.)  We had a wonderful time, although the rainy weather made for challenges while shooting and editing.  This resulted in a great learning experience for me.  I made images at various exposures, exploring the impacts of settings in the camera.  When I chose images for editing, I often chose images near the edge to develop my editing skills.  I don’t know how successful I was, so please send comments on those images.

Enjoy – Photorogr