Slow November…

November is slow for the nature and wildlife photographer here in the Carson Valley.  The bears are heading for their winter beds.  The leaves are gone from the trees.  The raptors are slowly returning to the Valley.  The wild horses are winning at hide and seek.  We’ve had some early snow, which has provided some good photo opportunities, mostly of the mountains.  I’ve been working with Photoshop a lot, trying some new editing techniques.  I’ve done a couple images in Lightroom, too, but I think I like Photoshop a little better.

Here’s a few images from the last couple weeks.


This Red Tailed Hawk wasn’t mad at me – he was squawking at a crow flying behind me.


Driving on Genoa Lane one day, and this Hawk was doing litter control watch. Not sure I’d throw anything out the window of the car with him around.


…and somebody must have done something, ‘cuz he was off in a shot. A good friend advocates that movement in images should always be left to right. I thought about it here, but left it alone.


I love the Kestrels, but they are difficult to get. This one was shy and refused to turn around for me.


This guy was more cooperative. I asked him to sit on this branch and look left. I love this picture!

I got my first Eagle of the season.  Driving up Mottsville Lane last week, and there he was on a utility pole.  He sat for a minute or so, and then took off.


I can’t get enough of the Bald Eagles and look forward to the coming Eagle season. I think this is one of our resident birds – it’s a little too early for the transients to arrive.


I love the detail I was able to capture. I’m making big plans for this image.

Last Sunday, Edsel woke me up early to show me the amazing sunrise.  I tried to resist and stay in my warm bed, but ultimately got up and made these images.


I made this image just before the sun popped over the horizon.


I turned around to see the Sierras just before sunlight struck.

And here’s a couple more panoramas, just for fun.


I worked this image in Lightroom. I need much more practice in LR.


This is the full width of the Sierras in Douglas County. This concept has potential for the future.

One last shot – I was out on a snowy morning and tried to make an image of the ‘welcome to Gardnerville’ sign in Sunset Park, at the border between Minden and Gardnerville.  A 24″ x 36″ print of this picture is on display in the Gardnerville town office.  I need to get a nice spring, summer and fall shot so they can display a different picture with each season.


Welcome to Gardnerville!

Until next time – enjoy!!  PHOTOROGR

Dunk the Funk!!

In my last post, I described a condition I called ‘PHOTOFUNK.’  I just couldn’t make myself get out there and take pictures.  Well – I got over it.  A couple days after I made my post, the most beautiful almost full moon popped up on the eastern horizon.  I was motivated and excited.  I got the camera and tripod and ventured into the yard to get some images.  For the first time, I got good moon images.  I DUNKED the FUNK!

What do you think?


I was able to make moon shots two nights in a row. I tried different editing techniques to see how to bring out the best detail.




I was up early one morning and found a gorgeous sunrise.  I put on some clothes and grabbed the camera.  This image is from a neighbor’s driveway.


I usually associate color like this with sunset.

And then there was the day I got an email about a bear release.  The sow had been hit by a vehicle on the freeway a couple days before, but was fine ( a little road rash but she was moving pretty well).  We were in the trees, lots of direct light mixed with shadows.  I was challenged by the light but I think I did okay.


The sow on the run. Moving quickly and easily.


After everyone got out of the trailer and the cubs came down from a tree, they all just sauntered up the hill.

This week’s panorama is a doozy – lots of great clouds!


That’s Jobs Peak ‘peeking’ through the clouds on the left. A pretty view!

We got some snow this week – YAY!!  I hope to have some great snow shots in my next post!  Until then – ENJOY!!