Shifting gears…

Well, Eagles and Agriculture is in the books for another year.  It was another successful event for the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce and for me.  I didn’t sell as many pictures as I did last year, but I still count this year as a personal success.  Of course, it’s not really over – I still have to submit pictures for the Eagles & Ag Photo Contest.  The contest gives a cash award for best birding image and best agricultural/wildlife image.  I’m building my submission from images made between March 2015 and February 2016.  I have some good stuff, so I’m hoping to compete well.

There’s only two months until Shooting the West (  It’s only a 15 minute presentation, but I have a lot of work to do to get ready (remember my discussion about selecting pictures for editing and printing – this is worse!).  And there’s only two months to go…

The transient Eagles have pretty much left the Carson Valley, so my attention has shifted to the Pine Nut Mountains and our local wild horse bands.  We have four new foals – one colt and three fillies.  They are all growing like weeds and doing well.


This is Hardy practicing his watchful gaze – a critical skill for a stud. Of course, he doesn’t get too far from Lady, his Mama.


Hardy struts his stuff well – in horse terms, great conformation!


This is Skye, the first new horse born in the Pine Nuts this year.


Sassy Girl – little sister to Skye. Her Mom is Bossy Betty, and she’s a cutie.


Allow me to introduce Honey, with her Mom, Wilma. Honey is the newest foal, only a few days old.

Like all little ones, these guys need their rest, too.


Hardy taking a nap…


…and taking another nap…you should have heard the bellow when he got up and Mom had moved a little distance away.


I don’t think he’s sleeping, but we can’t tell…


Sassy had laid down and Honey joined her. Silly girls…

Besides shifting gears from raptors to horses, I’ve decided to slow down my shooting and focus on my editing skills for a little while.  As I mentioned a couple months ago, Santa brought me a membership in an online software tutorial series.  I’ve already improved my editing skills in just a couple months, but it’s amazing how much we find we don’t know, the more we start learning.  For the future – fewer pictures, but better pictures!

I’ll close this post with images of other subjects.


This Chipmunk crossed a desert road in front of me, and he climbed a tree on the side of the road, allowing me to make this image. Remember that part about better pictures? I used an editing technique called ‘blending mode’ to create what you see. What do you think?


This Horned Lark sat on a branch for me while I made my images.


Another Horned Lark. A little better light, and a great pose.

That’s it for this time.  I hope you enjoy the images.  Watch for more fun stuff.


2 thoughts on “Shifting gears…

  1. They all look great to me Roger – Great shooting. Me – Sharon p.s. I of course love all creatures but horses rank high    


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