FPC Sanctuary Windows…

Continuing my exploration of the stained glass windows in the First Presbyterian Church in Cheyenne WY, today’s featured windows are in the balcony of the Sanctuary. These windows were dedicated in May 23, 2004, Heritage Sunday. There are 4 windows and each has 2 panels. Each panel has the same design and colors, except for the circle near the top of the window holding a specific symbol.

This window features an Anchor, a form of the cross symbolic of Christ, hope and steadfastness on the left, and a Ship, symbolic of the Church of Christ on the right. The Nave is the central part of a church building, intended to accommodate most of the congregation. In traditional Western churches, it is rectangular and is separated from the Chancel by a step or rail. The word Nave comes from the Latin word for ship.

On the left is a Harp, symbolic of music in honor of God. A Vine occupies the right panel, symbolizing the relationship between God and His People.

This is my favorite window. The left panel shows the Insignia of the Boy Scouts of America. The First Presbyterian Church just celebrated 75 years of continuous sponsorship of Troop 116, the longest such relationship in the area. This panel is dedicated to all the Scouts who have gone before and those who will follow. On the right are the Stone Tablets representing the Ten Commandments.

On the left is the Ark, symbolic of the Church, since in the Ark all living creatures found refuge. The Cross of the Rock, right, is a symbol of the Lord.


2 thoughts on “FPC Sanctuary Windows…

  1. Church windows are fascinating. They evoke nostalgia & wonder, and who could look at them and not want to pray! Thank you for the photos and commentary.

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