Dunk the Funk!!

In my last post, I described a condition I called ‘PHOTOFUNK.’  I just couldn’t make myself get out there and take pictures.  Well – I got over it.  A couple days after I made my post, the most beautiful almost full moon popped up on the eastern horizon.  I was motivated and excited.  I got the camera and tripod and ventured into the yard to get some images.  For the first time, I got good moon images.  I DUNKED the FUNK!

What do you think?


I was able to make moon shots two nights in a row. I tried different editing techniques to see how to bring out the best detail.




I was up early one morning and found a gorgeous sunrise.  I put on some clothes and grabbed the camera.  This image is from a neighbor’s driveway.


I usually associate color like this with sunset.

And then there was the day I got an email about a bear release.  The sow had been hit by a vehicle on the freeway a couple days before, but was fine ( a little road rash but she was moving pretty well).  We were in the trees, lots of direct light mixed with shadows.  I was challenged by the light but I think I did okay.


The sow on the run. Moving quickly and easily.


After everyone got out of the trailer and the cubs came down from a tree, they all just sauntered up the hill.

This week’s panorama is a doozy – lots of great clouds!


That’s Jobs Peak ‘peeking’ through the clouds on the left. A pretty view!

We got some snow this week – YAY!!  I hope to have some great snow shots in my next post!  Until then – ENJOY!!