And the busy times continue!

What a week it has been! The only subject I haven’t seen this week is bears.  Not because I haven’t tried – I’ve been to Taylor Creek numerous times!  I think the bears don’t like my Old Spice deodorant.

My parents came for a visit.  We loaded into the Expedition and went looking for subjects.  We found two Horned Owls and a band of wild horses.  See the Birds and Wild Horses pages.

Please take a look in the RC aircraft and Landscape and Scenery pages for more pictures!  Here’s a few teasers!  Enjoy – Photorogr

IMG_7466 - edited 1 logo lr

This is a Merganser Duck. They dive to fish and then eat them whole. This Duck looked at me with a puzzled expression as I made images of him.

IMG_7498 - edited 1 logo lr

I was sitting on a log beside Taylor Creek, watching the Salmon in the clear water and hoping a bear would wander my way. This little guy came around the stump in front of me to see if I had anything to share, I guess. He was 6′ away from me as I made this image.

IMG_7129 - edited 1 logo lr

At the RC aircraft park. This is a P-26 hybrid (P-26 fuselage, something else provided the wings). The pilot told me it was a handful to fly, but he was enjoying the learning experience. Check the RC aircraft page for more pictures.

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