The learning continues!

When I started this blog, my main focus was on sharing my photography (and maybe generating some sales).  I subtitled the blog ‘A Journey in Creative Photography’ because this is truly a journey for me –  I learn something every time I pick up my camera and make an image.

This past week included a lesson in overcoming frustration and exercising patience.  Many of my friends have had great success in finding and making images of bears during the Salmon run at Taylor Creek.  I, however, have not been so fortunate.  Many trips to Taylor Creek have provided great images of waterfowl in the creek, but no bears.  See the Birds page to view some of these images.

And so, with no new bear images to share, I decided to revisit some of my first wild horse pictures and share more of them.  I enjoy making images of the wild horse bands in our area.  We have 4 bands in the Pinenut Mountains, just east of my home.  They are fascinating animals and wonderful subjects.  At times, they don’t provide exciting shots – one can only take so many pictures of horses eating the desert grasses, after all.  On occasion, they provide excitement – see the two studs fighting in the wild horses page – and, more often, a little whimsy and tenderness.  Please go to the wild horses page for more images.

Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy this week’s offering.


IMG_2582 - edited 1a logo lr

This image is from the first day I went looking for horses. This little guy is just switching his tail, but it gives the appearance that he is enjoying his lunch!

IMG_9285 - edited lr logo

No, it’s not an illusion. He picked up the stick and chewed it for a bit.

IMG_6919 - edited 1a logo lr

This is one of those tender moments I was talking about. I think back to sitting on the couch with my young sons on my lap every time I see this picture.

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