2023 Nevada Northern Railway Calendar

The 2023 Nevada Northern Railway calendar is on the street! I encourage you to get yours as soon as possible to support the NNRY and, more importantly, I have two pictures in the calendar! Speed is critical because the first picture is February!

I took this picture at my very first Workshop! The sun gave great light and the water provided a bit of reflection! We were riding in the caboose. They dropped us off and we bush whacked to where we wanted to set up our cameras.
Also taken at my first Workshop, this image of Locomotive 40 at the Yard Limit Sign will display in August! The crews are very accommodating during the Workshops. When we stopped at this location for pictures, the crews ran Locomotive 40 on the tracks heading to the left. I asked them to switch to this track for a better background and they gladly obliged. This is one of the many reasons I return to Ely on a regular basis!

To order calendars or other NNRY gear or to become a member or make a donation, go to nnry.com or call 775.289.2085.



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