Be There – Part 3!

In part 3 of the ‘Be There’ series, I’m highlighting the beautiful Deer that my brother-in-law and I found in the Meeteetse WY area, near Upper Sunshine Reservoir. We found these lovely creatures on the road to the Reservoir, and they were very accommodating for our cameras. My brother-in-law had expressed interest in ‘upping his photography,’ so we loaned him my lovely bride’s camera. He didn’t do too bad!


This herd was up hill from the road (obviously) and the rocks brought an interesting element to the composition.
One of my brother-in-law’s shots, this herd was making their way up this wash towards the road.
Breaking trail! This young buck was crossing above the wash. Thankfully for him, the snow wasn’t too deep in this area.
The herd moved right to left and were contemplating their options to jump the fence and cross the road. Animal behavior is interesting. Deer will jump fences. Pronghorn Antelope will dive under a fence. Bison will just walk through a barbed-wire fence!
Decision made – up…
…and over!
The obligatory wildlife portrait! A good looking specimen!


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