As promised – car show pictures…

In my last post, I promised pictures from the Holy Smoker’s Car Show (May 2) and Big Mama’s Car Show (May 9).  I tried some new shooting techniques at Holy Smoker’s, using neutral density (ND) and circular polarizer filters alone and in combination, with interesting results.  As a result, the images you see below and in the Automobiles page took a lot of work in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  This is good in several ways.  I learned: 1) how to use these software packages better; 2) the value of shooting in RAW format, and; 3) most importantly, this filter combination doesn’t always work in certain lighting conditions.  My journey continues.  Let’s look at a few pictures.  (Go to the Automobiles page for a few more pictures.)


Who doesn’t love a well done Woodie? This is a gorgeous 1940 Ford.


I don’t remember what year this is, but my feeble memory says 1932…if only I could read that license plate…


This 1940 Ford Pickup belongs to my good friend, Charlie. He went a little wild and widened it several inches. More elbow room, I think…


I don’t normally take pictures of cars that aren’t Fords, but who can pass up a 1928 Franklin that looks this great?


To prove I was there – here’s my ’66 Mustang hardtop. Darn tree put my car in shade all day, and the guys in the background were manning the barbecue grills. Yes, I gave her a bath when we got home.

After working on the Holy Smoker’s pictures, I revisited my shooting techniques and decided I was over thinking and trying too hard.  For Big Mama’s, I left the ND filters in the bag and just shot with the circular polarizer.  I like the results and the amount of work in post-production much better.  As a warning to all of you aspiring photographers out there (and a reminder to me), remove your ultraviolet (UV) filter before you attach your circular polarizer.  I used both last year and got a condition called ‘vignetting’ (dark areas in the corners).  The journey continues!!!

Here are a few images from Big Mama’s.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen these pictures, but you haven’t seen the pictures on the Automobiles page.


I have the filters worked out, but now I need to work on the finer points of composition, like ask the nice people making the shadows on the fender to move out of the way…my ’66 Mustang hardtop.


My good friend, Mike, took second in class (gotta’ wipe off the grass from the tires to win the tie breaker) but was picked ‘Best of Show.’ Fudge will be on next year’s show t-shirts.


Another friend, also named Mike, brought this beautiful 1928 Lincoln tow truck to the show. Last year he brought a 1912 Speedwell (featured on this year’s shirt as the kid’s choice).


Not seen on Facebook – here’s the rear of the Lincoln tow truck. See, it really could pick up your car and take it somewhere.

Here’s a teaser to get you to go to the Birds page.  Some of our friends have been watching a Great Horned Owl pair in the tree across their driveway.  This Owl pair had two babies about two months ago.  I finally made time to get some pictures.  This is one of the babies.  The rest of the family was off somewhere.


No, this little one’s not glaring at me – that’s just the way Owls look.

Well, that’s the fun I’ve had in the last couple weeks.  The journey continues as I try new things – some of which work and many that don’t – but that’s what a journey is all about.  Until next time, enjoy!  PHOTOROGR