Double D and PSC…interpretations on the Sierra Nevada Range!

In my last post, I talked about the Digital Darkroom (or Double D) and the fun I was having while exploring the application of creative filters. For today’s post, I used an image made with my PowerShot G9X Mk II point and shoot camera (hence the PS Challenge piece of the title).

I don’t remember where I was going last week, but I remember that the light on the Sierra Nevadas was gorgeous. I pulled over and got out of the truck, grabbing my trusty PowerShot, and began clicking. I always bracket exposures for my landscape shots to decide during post processing what I am going to do. I bracket up and down one stop with this camera. I used all 3 exposures to merge them into an HDR in Adobe Camera Raw, then applied filters using Topaz Studio.

Just for fun, I processed this using three different filters.



2 thoughts on “Double D and PSC…interpretations on the Sierra Nevada Range!

  1. So they are all three great, which is your favorite? And do I have to search your previous posts to find bracketing? I don’t remember what it is.

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    • Which is my favorite? Not sure – they’re all fun in their own way! Yes, just do a search for ‘exposure bracketing’ and 3 posts should pop up. March 2016 – ‘An Amazing Week for Me’ – is the first discussion of exposure bracketing! Enjoy!!


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